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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Girly Weekend - Part II

I can't say I was a traditional Sex and the City (SatC) fan, because I never watched it on HBO, I watched it via a weekend SatC DVD fest. Still, as soon as I heard of the SatC movie, I began plans for seeing it with a buddy or two. Barbara and I originally planned to see it on it's opening night of its release, which would have been in Denver, the night before flying home. Alas, our vacation was cut short. No biggie - Mommy Nancy decided to see it with me. After the play last night, she came home with me and we watched a few episodes of SatC on tv.

So we got up this morning, ate a LONG breakfast, sat in the back yard yakking, went for a quick swim, then headed for the movies in Roseville.

Even though SatC has been out since late May, it was still sold out when we got to the theater. No biggie - we got tickets for the next screening but that meant (drat!) we had to go next door to the theater for a yummy sushi lunch at Mikuni's Japanese restaurant *belch*.

Totally enjoyed the movie, though I admit, I enjoyed having company to sit in the back yard with even more. I don't really sit out in my back yard much. I don't even have lawn furniture out there anymore because every freakn' kitty in the neighborhood gets more lounge time on the furniture than I do (I do have foldable camp chairs which are quite comfy, thankyouverymuch).

Hey! While on the topic of the garden, I never showed off what happened to the stuff I planted back in March.

A bumper crop of Denia Lillies in early May

Not only did the lilies bloom, but they had the good graces to bloom before I went on vacation AND while I had company. I have a humongous rock in the center of the pot above, so Rum-kitty doesn't bed down on and kill these lillies like he did some Oriental Lilies I planted a few years ago. I am still waiting for the Nerine Bowdenii flowers to bloom. Maybe they're not willing to come up while the lilies are offering such competition.

Don't be too impressed - this pot is currently a pansy's vision of HELL.

Aha! And below is the first and only orchid that my birding buddy done gave me that lived. I think I've murdered some twenty something orchids from him. HEY! We can't all have green thumbs you know. I think this one lived because I ignored it. Sometimes a plant, well you know, it just wants to be left alone.

Cymbidium Survior

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