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Friday, June 20, 2008

A Girly Weekend - Part I

Tonight I saw The Secret Garden; last of this year’s Davis Musical Theater season. I love the book, and was anxious to find out if the musical is any good. I was thinking possibly not, because ages ago I bought a used audio cassette of the musical and the music made no sense to me at all.

In The Secret Garden, the spoiled brat heroine Mary Lennox travels to England after everyone she knows in India drops dead of Cholera, over night. So Mary moved to England to live with her only relative, a strange hump-backed Uncle who, of course, lived in a typically wealthy gothic mansion & grounds. Here’s the thing - the child is accompanied by uninvited travelers; the ghosts of her past life. She’s not the only one either, her Uncle Archie entertains many of the same ghosts since his beloved wife’s death. So for the entire play there were ghosts in and out, singing along with all the action (to demo what happened before Mary came to England). So, that’s why nothing made sense to me until tonight, when I saw the live production.

I didn’t go alone of course, I went my theater buddy Cornetta & I invited Mommy Nancy. We had fun, the theater company obviously saved the best for last – who knew Davis had so many amateur, yet stage quality singers. How does the town pull that off? How!?

Nancy & Cornetta; divas of the theater

Yes, I cut myself out of the photo. So sue me.


  1. B E A U T I FUL lillies Clare Bear,Did Nancy wear glasses?

  2. On the lilies, yeah! Aren't they something? They did even better than they did last year.

    Yes, and Nancy actually still wears glasses, just not all the time.