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Sunday, June 15, 2008

HEY, I'm talking hair!

Whew! The 2 day marathon in Vallejo is o-vah! My hair is officially wearing the look that I hope, as the Scotts say, will 'see me ooot (out)'. I wrote a while back that while in Colorado I was told about a new style (system?) of 'braiding' hair called Sister Locks. So that's what I was doing all weekend, getting my hair done by a nice lady, Lana, my new 'hair consultant'. She was sweet enough to let me just stay at her house for the entire braid-a-thon, saving me the (1.5 hr drive) between Fair Oaks & Vallejo on Saturday night.

The entertainment while getting my hair done was a marathon of movies, from I am Legend & Good Luck Chuck to
The Bucket List - 5 movies in all. The Bucket List the most thought provoking. I'm now formulating my own bucket list (things I want to accomplish/enjoy before I kick it). I was insufferably pleased to realize I've already crossed several things from 'Claire's Bucket List', such as seeing Alaska, birding Yellowstone & the Florida Everglades, seeing a Blue Whale and getting my birding life list up over 500. V. cool. On the flip side, some things on my list are doomed to failure. For example, my Mr. Right must have died in Viet Nam or more likely, last week in San Francisco, he married Mr. Right.

Ok, back to my hair. Here's a smiggin of a photo immediately after my hair was done. Notice how very fine the individual 'Sister Locks' or 'braids' are. Again, cool.

Fresh Locks

It's going to take a while for the hair to settle in and not look drastic. What with my pale scalp and dark hair, my head looks like a checkerboard just now. I'm thinking 'scarf' - at least for a month or two.


  1. Thanks for the pix. I've seen those,had no idea they had a name. Are/is there added hair?how long did it take?forget the boxes are they tight?Beatrice wears hers cut short and cropped.Maybe shed like them?

  2. where are your earrings Claire Bear?

  3. Hi Niece!

    No added hair, it's just me, which was one of the things that attracted me to S. Locks. Day one it took 12 hours, day two was about 5. After this, the touch ups will be around 4 hours (which is what it used to take to have my braids with extentions done).

    They're NOT tight. I have never let anyone do the 'raise my belly button up to my chin' sort of braiding. Which means I've whooped my weight in angry hair braiders who snarl 'but if I don't do it tight the extentions will fall out!'. And I yell back, 'then LET THEM effing fall out!'. That's why I still have a hairline, and notches on my wall for all the hair braiders I had to murder. Bwah, ha, ha, ha, ha!

    I bet she'd love it. Honestly, right now I do look like an old rag doll, but it gets a little better every day. Lana told me it may take as long as a year before it really settles in and looks great - she showed me photos of clients at all stages, from rag doll to fashion doll. I'll settle for anything better than rag doll meself. : D

    Oh, as for earrings, didn't bother with 'em that day. Today I'm wearing a pair I made - pink fetish bears.

  4. Feel free to add some in your photos, I know you will figure a way. wow pink fetish bears

  5. Auntie Claire is s-l-o-w... add some what? You mean pics of the earrings or me? : D

  6. you with the earrings, silly bear. Oh! found my woodpecker it was a juvenile. Do young'ns peck also?Also Cornetta has a twin living here in Bklyn, I worked with her, she is a physical therapist. Works with children in school.

  7. Hey, juvenile woodpecker of what species? I am DYING to know. Why? Uh... Just tell me! : O

    Will tell Cornetta about her Brooklyn doppleganger/twin!

  8. You'll have to bear with me Clair Bear, unlike you, to me they sort'ov um, all look alike. Smile, this it'll take some time, first I must confirm with another sighting.Which might be difficult since I havent heard her since those fews days.By now shes grown up some.ay ay,another challenge.

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