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Monday, June 23, 2008

Guess Again Ms. Know-it-all!

Side note to yesterday's report on Mommy Nancy's visit last weekend. She saw a small bird in my backyard, and picked my ever handy Field Guide to North American Birds.

Nancy: "I found it... hum... Black Phoebe... it was this one, a juvenile... it had brown on the wings."

Know-it-all-Claire: "Naw, that wasn't a juvenile, it was an adult, they're solid black with a snowy white belly. "

Nancy: "I thought I saw like a reddish brown on the wings."

Know-it-all-Claire: "No, no, there's an adult or two that always hang around the yard."

So, flash forward to this morning, I look out the window and whom do I see lined up on the Pool fence?

Juvie Line-up

Waiting for Ma
Baby Phoebes! Honestly, I'm tickled half to death. I wish I could be home every day to watch the little guys line up for their chow, and their harried parents. They all ignore me, but when a Scrub Jay buzzed in, the entire family was off in a flash. You know how it is when THAT creepy neighbor comes calling. You just have to pretend you're out!

Feeding time at last


  1. Yes, i've gotten the name. thank u; field guide you say?

  2. D, is that you? : D

    You got the Field Guide?

  3. Si, ya tengo. Tienen su email para me?

  4. PS, guess what returned to me, yes my Nat'l Geo Field Guide to the Birds of North America, and with the arrival of said bible I have found that the woodpecker fledgling may not have been a pecker at all; would a borrowing owl peck?

  5. Q - Would a Burrowing Owl Peck?

    Nope, not a Burrowing Owl - they're in Florida or out here in the west. Hum... ok, now I have GOT to know what you're seeing! : D