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Friday, September 28, 2007

40th Annual Native American Day Celebration

The Color Guard at the Opening Ceremony

Only worked 3 hours; spent most of the day doing my docent thing on the north lawn at the State Capital. I worked the cash register for theState Indian Museum. We had SIM t-shirts, mugs. Also we had working facsimiles of Indian pump drills (left photo) and elderberry clapper sticks for sale - great crowd pleasers, especially at only ten bucks each.

But oh how I sucked at the cash register! Normally I have no problems at all, but at the end of the day the cash register showed that we’d made $10K, though that must have been in Pesos – in real $ we made a little over $400. Yikes! I guess I was a tad distracted chatting with the visitors and watching the wonderful traditional dancers.


  1. I have one. Do you remember? We were, oooo! I'm not sure, but it was a tourist shop,they had a workable sample of one which motivated my purchase.We stood on a mound which housed original grinding hole's, by what tribe, I don't remember. Do you?

  2. I remember! That was at Indian Grinding Rock State Park near Volcano Calfornia. We sat around in a small roundhouse and had a lovely heart-to-heart while Chiquilla napped under the bench.