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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another Mini Hen Party!

Rick Codina has taken off to south Texas and unlike me, he’s not going there to bird, he’s going there for his 40th (!) high school reunion. I had a look at his high school year book and he hasn’t changed at all. I mean it – he’s a tad older than I am but his hair is still jet black, and naturally so. Not at all fair really but what’ya gonna do?
Anyway, with the rooster out of the hutch, Nancy thought it might be fun to hold a mini-hen party in preparation for the one all of us hens will be going to in December. So Robyn, who is also a devoted Harry Potterhead, and I met at Nancy’s for dinner and a movie a la' Netflix -Becoming Julia. It wasn't a total hen party as there was a young cockerel in residence: 15 year old Adan. Being his usual sweet self meant the old hens weren’t even tempted to peck his eyes out or anything.

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