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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hurrah, new Lifer #556

Step one - get lazy arse out of bed. Step two, drive way the heck south and hop the Ferry over the eensie river & onto Ryer's Island. Step two - find pear orchard and hike in about a mile or so.

Turn right and head down a row of redwoods (on right).

Step three - look for the poop. Step four - Look UP! Enjoy my new lifer - a ensie Northern Saw-whet Owl.
See its little face there in the branches? It was only a couple of feet from my head. [click on photo]

He stared at me because I am obviously as interesting to stare at as he is.

There were a few other birders on hand, and thought I was told the head count of Saw-whet Owls was four, I only found the one. Saw-whets are only about six to seven inches high and the redwoods are dense and about 60 feet high so... only one owl for Claire to enjoy. After my morning Owl adventure I headed over to Consumnes Wildlife Refuge for a much shorter walk along the boardwalk at the marsh. There I got a few snaps of a noisy Marsh Wren. The little buggers are difficult to film because they bounce around like 2-year olds on Sugar Pops.

Final step - Returned home. Still gloating.

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