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Friday, February 23, 2007


One of our student assistants at work is going on to a 'real' job and we had a cake for her & I took some pics with the office camera - a nice Kodak. I've had the camera in my cubicle for some time now. During the farewell party my boss had a look at the camera and he laughed, saying 'Well now I know what goes on around here, there are shots of a belly dancer on this camera!'

That was pretty funny, the photos were practice shots I took in December during the CalEPA's Christmas celebration. Later on that afternoon I was downloading the photos and viewing the thumbnail photos was stunned to see several pics just like the following...

What the...!? I was flabberghasted. Obviously one of the students must have gotten hold of the camera and took photos some pregnant woman's belly. How dare those whippersnappers....! It dawned on me - what I was looking at - photos of my own back! Allison took the photos at work, the morning I asked her to pluck the tick from me! She took the photos but in the following hoopla I forgot them.

GAK! It dawned on me, my boss saw the photos! What was he thinking? That I took photos of the belly dancers, then photographed their gigantic bellies? GAK! I called the boss over and explained about the tick photos of my back. He already knew about the tick - let's face it, everyone on the globe was told about the tick.

Nope, wasn't a belly dancer's belly, nor a pregnant lady; just my fat back. I think it was the lighting that made my back look so round. I was bending forward and... ok, my back is weird... ok, it's bizarre.

Here are the same shots from above, only blown up to give us all another look at the creepy little tick that dug in.

Yes. I'm grossed out too.
Sucking itself some prime grade Claire juices.
Super close-up. Gross, gross, gross!

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