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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Yay! A Visit to Meridian Jacobs Ranch

Jacobs a 'frollicking on the side of Robin's shop
Had a double pleasure today - going to Robin Meridian Jacobs Ranch to very-nearly-almost-participate in Spinzilla and to pick up my lamb meat. Most of the meat will be gifted to friends because if I ate it all myself an unexpected explosion of a most unfortunate retired woman would be happening in Fair Oaks.

What the heck is SPINZILLA? By its own description: A global event where teams and individuals compete in a friendly challenge to see who can spin the most yarn during Spinning and Weaving Week, the first full week in October. Their goal is to raise sheep-loads of cash for the Needle Arts Mentoring Program.

True to type, when I arrived at Robin's place, the yard was full of happy spinsters.

That is Robin working her laptop, on the left

Alas - I meant to bring along my spinning wheel - same model as the one shown on the ruby rug above - but I couldn't for the life of me get my act together to bring the wheel, fiber and such with me *sigh*. Robin said she hopes I will show up and spin amid the other spinster for Spinzilla 2016. Sure... why not!

Robin and the gang wanted to set up a photo shoot for Spinzilla, which involves them in a photo featuring this little wooly guy. So Team Meridian decided to set up a shot with them racing through the sheep in the meadow escaping SHEEPZILLA. I hope they get a prize!
Note: wheel has a built in beverage holder

In the late afternoon as the spinners moved to cooler bits of the yard, Robin invited me to go with her to pick up the lamb. We took a warm afternoon's drive over to her new butcher. There I saw live sheep, goats, chickens, and even quail. Customers can pick out a live animal for butchering. Most of the butcher's customers are recent immigrants. Interestingly, I can say my Bronx grandmother used to be able to pick out a live chicken at a local Bronx butcher, then bring it home for plucking and ultimately becoming our Sunday dinner. 

Just a couple of days ago Robin brought the butcher her live Jacob ram lambs, to the butcher. Today we picked up boxes, each containing a half a lamb cut into chops, shanks, etc., and I think the third box we picked up was 'offal'. i.e., liver, stomach, intestines and... 'yikes'...  head! I always say one of these days I will work up my nerve and take, not just the meat, but also the organs and head of the lamb. I have a Moroccan recipe for sheep's head. Honest - I have that recipe. I admit, I haven't quite worked up the nerve to prepare such a meal - yet.
While the photo shoot was on out by the barns, I stayed by the shop and noticed that Robin's new pup, Ginny, whom I met today for the first time, had plopped a toy under my chair. She then crouched down, eyes glued to her toy, awaiting my actions. Of course, being the laziest woman in North American, I did nothing at first. Finally I gave in and threw Ginny's toy across the driveway. Doggie Joy happened.


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  2. Are those your toes painted Scarlet red?

    You strike me as being a denim blue gal. teehe

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAA! No, the scarlet toes aren't mine, but funny you should mention denim blue toes! Mine are painted a powder blue and could easily be the color of denim - HOW DID YOU KNOW!