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Saturday, October 03, 2015

A Little Joy, A Little Ache

I was up early today, and with droopy eyes and no right to be out in public yet, I ventured forth anyway, for some holiday shopping. Yes, holiday shopping, worse - shopping for myself. Shameful, I know. But it is rare I'm out at all these days. Most days I just zip to the gym, get in my exercise and I'm home again. That's the really shameful bit - not getting out and about, as if my brain & body are retired, not just my career. Before I headed home I decided to sit my Starbucks coffee at Sailor Bar, down by the river. As I hit the entry street - there it was... my inspiration. A man driving a jaunty red cart, pulled by - a Llama! He also had a 'back-up' llama to the rear, and an adorable tiny three year old grandson at his side. You have got to admire the moxie of this gentleman! No sitting around for him, no letting anyone tell him what he should be doing, he was out and about. A tad bit eccentric and damn it, proud of it! 

My heart speed up for the joy of the sight, and strangely it also ached a bit for reminding me of my days driving Suzi my pony, with her little black cart. That was such a brief period of my life and such a sweet one that I never think on it, as it is too painful to think on how short & sweet a time it was for me. Oh well. I drove ahead of the parade, and got in position and took a short video of the little. Alas! The video begins with my thumb over the view and it got worse from there - I guess I was a little excited.

Resolved: This gentleman reminds me there is a lot out there to explore and I haven't given it its due. In part because when the Central Valley Summer hits and the temps exceed 100 degrees, I don't even want to get the mail off the front porch. But it is Autumn now; beautiful, tranquil Autumn. The days are very-nearly-almost cool and the trees are turning color. I'm not far from Tahoe or rivers. There are things to do and places to go and I ought to. Resolved: I will get my fat arse out and see things!

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  1. Does on need a license to drive that thang. tehe
    Ooo! How bout helmets? Hmmm?