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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Spending a Big Day with Dear Friends

Jenny with her family, old and new

Made it to the wedding in the nick of time, and a beautiful wedding it was. Up top is my favorite photo from the chapel, which makes me quite nostalgic. Left to right, the descriptions are relative to Joann, just on Jenny's left, in pretty blue outfit. So, left to right: Sister Judy, Son Philip with wife Krista and grand-kiddies McKayla & Jeremy, Nephew Sean (thanks Jo!), Groom John, the Beauty of a Bride Jenny, Brother John, Hubby Gene, Joann, little sister Janice and Brother-in-law Ron.
At the Reception
It was under the bright and happily not to warm San Diego sky the reception was held. The photo is the bride & groom 'laxing' in front of the arbor built by Jenny's brother Philip. Philip and Krista were married beneath. Just before the excitement of the cutting of the wedding cake - OK, it was exciting for me - Gene, Jenny's dad, gave such a sweet toast in honor of his daughter and new son-in-law that had everyone present, and in possession of a functioning heart, all teary. You rocked it Gene!

Around twilight I  drove Joann home. There I was greeted by doggie Fergus, and I was given a tour of Joann's Gardens. There was a new garden renewal and even a cute fairy garden to explore. Joann let me in on a sweet tale that concerns a little statuette of a boy and his dog near the older bit of back yard.  I loved that now one can descend a few stairs, walk a short ways and sit in a chair under a generously branched shady tree. They call that 'The Shire'. Cute!

Lovely way to spend a weekend with friends I don't get to enjoy too often these days. Tomorrow morning I'm heading back to Fair Oaks and I wish I could be in two places at one time.
Joann's little corner of remembrance

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