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Monday, July 27, 2015

I Won't Grow Up... but you already know, right?

Peter Pan is why I raced back to Sacramento following that lovely wedding yesterday. I'm a genuine Baby Boomer, who in the 50s enjoyed the immense treat of going downstairs to our neighbor's where we kids gathered round the old black n' white telly to see the live (LIVE!) performance of Peter Pan. I don't know when that tradition exactly started, or how many years it lasted, but to those occasions occupy an immense amount of my brain's real estate. The week following Peter Pan meant ricocheting off living room furniture or beds, shrieking 'I'M FLYING!', singing endless verses of 'I won't grow up! I don't wanna go to school...' and crowing until one's mother threatened bodily harm.

The Music Circus' Peter Pan was the best version of the musical I've ever seen (my sincere apology to the M. Martin estate). Peter Pan - traditionally played by a lady of course - was a great juvie brat and total crack, as naughty as you like, and clueless about the 'grown up' world. Loved the the flamboyant Captain Hook, and the adorably (yes, I said adorable) very-nearly-evil Mr. Smee, and overall, I think I'd hand my thimble over to Peter as the most fun to keep one's eyes and ears on. Oh, and the whole Neverland Indian tribe - with some help from Peter - put on a dynamite, energetic drums performance I think was inspired by that bang on the ash cans Broadway play whose name escapes me. Anyway, that sure set the audience screaming their enjoyment, brats they all were.

One of the pleasures of the annual 'kid's musical' at the Music Circus is always the tots decked out in appropriate costumes, this year there were more Tinkerbells and Peter Pans in the audience than on stage. And please note, the adults far outnumbered kids in the audience and they fooled no one. Sure they entered the theater with airs of respectability and adult attitude to rival Mr. Darling, but didn't take long for them to laugh their post-pubescent arses off. I think the kids were scandalized at how uncivilized their parents behaved. I mean, in public!

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  1. Sacramento

    I liked the place. How's it doing since the fires?
    Oh yer, Peter Pan was nice. teehe