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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blue Gold, Out Back

This morning, I have been doing what I often do, messing about on-line. I looked out the living room picture window and spotted a House Finch in my Hawthorn, a bird I seldom see out back. I noticed another bird and went ballistic - not one, but several Western Bluebirds!  That's a new yard bird, or at least one I've never spotted out back before. They were helping themselves to Hawthorn berries and I saw them also popping onto the lawn, coming up with worms, larvae and such.

Western Bluebird in my Hawthorn, sporting the traditional Bluebird scowl
Who photographs me from yon window?

After staring and taking a b'jillion Bluebird photos, I noticed there were loads of other species around too. The Anna's Hummingbird that enjoys over-wintering here every year was sucking down the sugar water.  She had her back turned to me, which I guess I deserve, as I've been a little slow on refilling HER feeder.

Just as shocking was for the first time I can remember in the b'jillion years I've been in this house, there was two species of Goldfinches at the same time.  The American Goldfinches, currently cloaked in their fawn winter outfits were at the waterer.

For American Goldfinches stripes are all the rage this winter
And their minute cousins, the Lesser Goldfinches were up to thievery, I couldn't believe my eyes. Calmly as you please, Lesser Goldfinches were nicking my Rainbow Swiss Chard. Now, OK, that was actually fine with me, as I've had that Chard there at least 2 years and have yet to pick and eat any of it. Silly birds. Next time just ask, you little sneak thieves.

Lesser Goldfinches Filching the Chard
Yellow-rumped Warbler, working the lawn for bugs
Skippy here, has ravaged the Hawthorn tree for months
A pair of Western Bluebirds bug hunting from the platform feeder
Of course, I can't leave well enough alone. I'm going to get some mealworms and put them on my v. old bird tray feeder just under the telephone line. Bluebirds are suckers for mealworms, and I want to do what I can to encourage them to hang around. Classes up my back yard a bit, you know?

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