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Monday, January 21, 2013

What ever happened to...?

Robin, who is responsible for having found wonderful new homes for all five of my hens contacted me tonight. She sent me photos of Babette, Dove & Godiva enjoying their new home. Oh how I miss those little biddies!

Godiva, Dove and Babette hunting in the straw
To my eyes the Marans are larger than they were when they left here, and Babette she looks like her usual poofy and fussy self.

Babette inspecting the goat pen with her new 'Mommy' *sniff*
 They look fit and happy in their winter feathering. They have a ginormous hen house all to themselves now.

Looks like a Chicken Palace to me!
Well, I just wanted to share how well my three funny little hens are doing. I miss them every flippin' day. Thanks for the pictures Robin!

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