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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Company for Dinner and My Second Hand Visit to NYC

So, as I am retired now, and supposedly have oodles of time, I decided I need to put some work into my so-called social life. Came to the conclusion I need to invite friends for dinner, particularly those who continually invite me to their home. Highest on that list, Rick & Nancy. The last time I had both of them over for din-din, their boys were elementary school tots. These days R&N are neo-empty nesters as their two boys are off at college. Yep, an invite to them was long, long overdue.

For dinner I served the same to Barbara and her Tante Judy, my (really, mine?) Moroccan Chicken Apricot Tanjine with a v. moist Almond Citrus Pound Cake w/vanilla ice cream for dessert. I ought to have experimented more with the menu, but decided I like R&N too much to expose them to any of my dangerous cooking whims.

Rick got to meet 'the girls' and see what a lovely jungle my 'chicken habitat' has become. They brought entertainment for me, being a home movie of their visit to my old home town, New York City earlier this month. By the looks of it, they had a great time. Went to see not one, but three Broadway plays. Top of the elicit Claire's envy list was Billy Elliot, followed closely by How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying. They managed cancellation tickets that got them in row 2, so close they could have reached out and touched Harry Potter... er, no, wait - he's supposedly Daniel Radcliffe now. Pardon me, while I squeal with envy here... SQUEEEE! Oh, & least I forget they also saw Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, staring... sit tight... Robin Williams.

It was nice having Rick and Nancy over and we enjoyed a nice chat. I always enjoy their company, but I guess I'd gotten into not cooking for so long I was afraid to feed anyone by my own hand. Hopefully I'm over that now. All in all, the dinner was fun and I'll have to plot my next victims... I mean, 'invitees'. What did I do with that recipe for steamed sheep's head?

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