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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

State of the Gulag Garden

In idle curiosity I allowed the Gulag Garden, otherwise known as "Chicken Habitat", to grow as it pleases. Now my grass is near up to my waist in height. The dominant yard feature, the hawthorn tree was in full bloom this past week. The hawthorn flowers reeked to high heaven of [Management regrets, what the Gulag Garden smells like just now is unsuitable for family audiences. Really. Totally unsuitable]. The bee activity was fearsome as honey & bumble bees attacked the poofy white balls of Hawthorn blossoms. The past 2 days the blossoms have begun to fade like a bride facing her first sink of filthy dishes. There is still a constant drone of insects. Sitting at my living room window to view the scene is akin to an episode of Animal Planet "When bees run amok". With the flower petals falling, the area underneath look like snow flurries. Next step is the formation of eensie little green berries, that will go orange in September and on to scarlet in October.

Through the Picture Window

Oh! I never mentioned that last October I collected Hawthorn berries that I steeped for months in 100 proof vodka. The resulting tincture is said to remedy heart aliments. I take a dropper full or two every once in a bit. May not help, but couldn't hurt. Ummm... tastes remarkably sweet & flavorful. *hicough*

Fruit of the Gulag Garden

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  1. Claire! You must tell me more about the hawthorne berries steeped in vodka - as a "medicinal" treatment of course (hearing the two sisters in The Waltons, saying, it's for the cure it is" or something like that.
    Anyhow, my neighbor has a most prolific hawthorne tree, and we would love to know how to use the berries. (Besides in tea, which is so boring.) Thanks! Judy