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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back by Popular Demand

It was maybe a year ago that my local Farmer's Market relocated to a new site, much farther away from my place. Well, apparently, back by popular demand: my local Farmer's Market! AND as if that isn't wonderful enough, it now has something it never had before. There are purveyors of ranch raised chicken, grass fed beef and lamb, and wild caught salmon and other fish. I am beside myself with joy over the new humanely and not stuffed-full-of-chemical crap offerings.

The past year or so I actually quit visiting farmer's markets of any sort, because they were so far away I didn't want to blow any gas on getting to them. A year is a long time to eat strawberries that taste like paper pulp, but now that's over! There are sweet, tasty, tender strawberries now, and only 3 miles from my doorstep. What a total joy it was shopping there this morning. Oooo sweet fruit, non-mushy tomatoes and farm crafted cheeses - heaven.

Quick Shot taken as I headed back to my car

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  1. Oh wow! wild salmon. U know, (wait for it) they like to feast on the fresh excretions of hippopatmussusus (eyes open with concern); but no need to worry, I'm sure they don't, maybe, probably not, sort of don't eat any other animal poo and besides, at least the poo would be wild and chemically free. (laughter) envy begets strange humor. (smile)always with love.