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Saturday, January 01, 2011


HAPPY NEW YEAR! My buddy Barbara has come up for a visit and we're enjoying ourselves. Last night we watched movies and when the clock struck 12 AM we were in the back yard, shouting Happy New Year and burning sparklers. This morning we got up early and after a breakfast of herbal tea and fat-free cottage cheese, we went for an early morning hike to Sailor Bar, where we did the first calistentics of the new year.

That was the start of the new year in some alternate dimention. Here is how it all went down on Planet Earth.

Last night we struggled to stay awake until at least 8PM, watching the movie Wall Street (Thank You Kirk!). At 8:15 PM we slugged it into the back yard and we each burned a single sparkler waving them listlessly in the air, humming a merry, slightly off key, celebrational tune. We were in our beds sound asleep by 8:30. Woke this morning and decided screw any ideas of a New Year's diet. I baked fat blueberry scones, we downed most of them in one sitting with steaming cups of strong coffee. Welcome to my world - 2011!

First baking of the New Year

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