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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas! BWWWAAACK!

Happy Christmas to one and all! This morning the girls got up all grumpy and disheveled. So I told them Santa had visited.

What'd Santa bring us?

I knew what they got of course - whole fat cottage cheese to help ward off our frozen Sacto nights - Holiday red Hawthorn Berries, and fresh, yummy Slugs!

Oh! Could that be...

Rum Kitty wanted to know what Santa brought him. Rum has gone a bit soft under his fuzzy ears - he has totally lost his wits. He now climbs onto the dining room table to look around - FORBIDDEN! Santa gave Rum what he needed this morning - a reprieve from the wraith of Claire.

Poor old Rum. So old he forgets he's not to climb on things, and forgets to go outside to pee, and now, amazingly, he forgets to be afraid of me. So now in his dotage, he is a old farty cat I can hold on my lap, stroke, brush and coo over him. Really - isn't that just the best Christmas present for the two of us?

Poor Farty old Rum-kitty

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