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Friday, September 17, 2010


HURRAH! Had lovely evening with the two Terry's who came to my house for a night of Pizza and a movie. The movie was Temple Grandin, an HBO movie I got on Netflix and invited the Terry's to view with me.

You see, ages ago Terry1 loaned me one of Temple Grandin's books, which I devoured and enjoyed immensely. The book is on animal behavoior & Temple's unique insight into it by means of her Autism. Through Temple's book, I learned people - like my little Nephew Marion - live in a world of sensory overload, which might just give them a unique perspective on life. Interesting stuff I tell you! Anyway, the movie just came out on DVD and I couldn't wait to share it with the Terrys. The movie was amazing. In the book Temple made her work with cattle and such seem like it was a cake-walk, but the movie showed she really had to 'pay her dues' being a woman scientist in a male-chavenist-cowboy-pricks world. You have got to see the movie, it's not only entertaining, but it's awe inspiring and full of insight into original genius & Autism.

Now, as the Terry's visit occured in the evening so of course, dinner was in order. I served up the 'Lazy Hostess's' standard: do your own mini-pizza. All I had to do was provide mini-pizza crusts & sause, along with a variety of toppings, including cheeses, pepperoni, ham, mushrooms & such. Worked out great, each of us making and devouring our own mini-pizza. There was casava melon for dessert but we were actually all too full so for once, we skipped dessert - I can assure you that was a first for 'moi'.

Din-din is served!

But there is more news! I celebrated a birthday last week, and the Terrys brought me a terrific & unique present I just adore! A bitchn' cool hat! Here I am, in a rare blog appearance, showing off my new topper, including its bank of five lazer lights.


Terry2 makes slight adjustment to lazer bank

Here are the Terry's styling their EggHunter hats below. Thank you Terrys!

Say CHEESE-Y pizza!

Terry2 found some neat chef sort of hats, and then branded them - through use of self designed, iron-on labeling with the never-before-seen-on-a-clever-hat title: EGGHUNTERS. Is that bitchn' cool or WHAT? And she put a little deck of 5 lazer lights on each hat brim so the hats double as headlights!

I was bowled over! Terry2 is a designer after my own heart. She not only made the designer hats, but she even did something I LOVE to do when making presents - she made a descriptive packaging sheet. Too cool! Here's a sample of the sheet...
  • Should an emergency situtation occur, simply click to blink your rescuers to your exact location. Have fun. Be safe. And wear your EggHunter tactical gear proudly!
And how could I not? The lights can burn steady or blink for emergencies. Too flippin' cool and the best B-day present I've had in ages, and I was spoiled this year on the birthday front - getting loads of cards from loving friends/relatives I hardly even deserve. No really! I am unworthy!

The evening began with a celebration of our nifty new hats and then we trooped into the back yard to visit the hens (the girls). The hat boldly lit our way and I can see I am going to get a lot of useful service from my new hat, lighting my way as I put the girls to bed, and hunt out their eggs on dark winter nights.

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