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Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun Birthday Week

Hurrah! Ms Barbara was kind enough to brave the freeways to come stay with me for a whole week, which included my birthday weekend. The goal was keeping me company and that Barbara did in spades. What did we do? Uh... well, we only ventured out once, to shop for groceries and a visit with the Old Fair Oaks chickens one time. The remainder of the visit we just sat around chatting, watching TV and or/... chatting. Hey, that's what we do best!

Mind, Barbara brought loads of Barbara homework with her. She cleaned out & backed up a couple of her laptops she brought with her. She also did some Bio-feedback work on me, which I appreciate. My former Bio-feedback lady left Grass Valley & now resides, in the wilds of Montana/Wyoming out of reach of 'moi' (boo-hoo!).

Most amazing is we only ate out once the entire visit, that being a trip to Fresh Choice on Barbara's first night here. After that we actually cooked (can you believe it? COOKED!) or perhaps what we did more of was bake; pumpkin muffins (attempted twice, both times left out one or two ingredients, you know, like the sugar...) and these lovely quiches, or 'egg pie' as known at Barbara's male dominated abode back in Castroville.

Summer Squash/Baby Bella Mushroom Quiche

Cheddar/Ham Quiches in Baby Ramikins

It was loads of fun having company for such a time. Barbara, knowing how neuvo-impoverished I am, actually chipped in on groceries and such so there was no hardship at all on my wallet. In short, we ate like the Royalty; we, the Princesses of Leisure!

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