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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Liquidambar & Oak Pay a Neighborly Visit

Some kind of half worn out Japanese storm hit California today and it's been raining Norwegian Forest Cats and Irish Wolfhounds - both rather largish breeds. Every time I've had to be out in it today I got soaked, because I couldn't find my rain parka or even an umbrella. I mean, I can't find them anywhere. Might be in for a wet day tomorrow too.

Driving home tonight, I idly wondered if my trees were behaving themselves, what with all the winds and rain. Yes, they did! Unfortunately my neighbor's Liquidambar and Oak, did not. As I approached my house I could see what looked like 1/3 of the Liquidamber piled onto the lawn alongside my property. So, I pulled out my digital and snapped a few rounds for prosperity. Then as I turned for my garage, I realized the trees came thaaaaat close to landing on and ruining my gate & garage overhang. Yikes!

That's my garage & house there - eeep!

That entire bunch of greenery is the fallen tree limbs. The oak overhangs my garage and recently when I had my trees trimmed, the tree surgeon removed the bits of the oak overhanging my driveway overhang and roof. So if he hadn't done that who knows what would have come down in addition to the current mess.

My garage door is open (excuse the clutter)

The fallen limbs are blocking my grey gate. Oh well. The good news is, my neighbor's trees, his mess, his clean up. I'm lucky I dodged the green bullet this time!


  1. not to be rude, but you've pruned your branches with just that thought in mind, why hadnt your neieghbor? and legally you have the right to remove their branches if hanging over your property;I think california law allows you to charge them for your cleanup aswell. choi love you more than your neighbors l.o.l

  2. True,true, true! I took care of things the lazy way (my trademark). I waited and eventually the neighbors got some out and cleaned up the mess. Happily my cost, was zilch!

    Hope your October is going well. : )