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Friday, October 16, 2009

Out of the Trees Back to Chickens

Last night around 9 PM, one of my neighbors knocked on the door on a count of their house kitty escaped and climbed into my yard. Ordinarily I think they just push open the garage side gate and fetch puss, but the limbs are still blocking the gate after the big storm.

After I let my neighbor through the house to the back yard, then back out the front door, with Ms. Puss in arms. Afterwards I felt mighty poorly. Land sakes! The house was dark, the TV was on, and the chickens were roosting on the rim of their chickararium. Those birds gave my neighbor a sort of 'what the hell YOU doing in OUR house?' sort of look. The living room smelt a bit chickeny too. Thank goodness the room was v. un-tidy, dark to boot and most everythin' was covered with a layer of dust & chicken feathers.

So, in short, I feel like Granny being caught with her Ozark britches down. You know how it is when the neighbors drop by and you don't have any possum stew or crawdad dip to offer 'em. Makes a sweet young thang like me feel all insufficient, ya'll heah?

So, today, I decided today might be pretty near good 'nuff for moving the critters outside into the yard by the cement pond. I assembled the critter pen some weeks ago, but have stalled on putting the chicks out. They're only about 1/3 grown, but they are fully feathered now so they should have no problem when the sun goes down.

The new, city slicker fancy Henitentiary will arrive in 2 weeks. By then the chickens will be fully outside birds. I'm already feeling mighty proud of that new pen that's a coming. It's big 'nuff for 6 large chickens and should dress up the whole neighborhood all nice like. Yes, when the big chicken pen gets here my neighbors are all going to be jess pea green with envy.

Well, that's it for now. Y'all come back now, heah?

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