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Sunday, October 04, 2009

October, Time for Tea!

The sun doesn't burn when stood under & the air is clean and crisp. Therefore decided to treat myself to some company today. So my friends the two Terrys came over, in their best bib & tucker for a lovely Sunday Tea Party - first I've ever been to, much less hosted.

Worked out very well, even considering that my planning wasn't at its best. and worse, I could NOT find my teapot or my Victorian Bonnet! Bugger... still we had fun. Terry & Terry came in their formal Brit tea party outfits, wearing their tea-hats, per as required. Don't they look spiffy?
The Terrys wear Fun Hats and get reacquainted themselves with their petite Ami

We had savory tea sandwiches. Would have liked to serve watercress sandwiches but for the life of me, none of the local markets seem to have any, and believe me, I looked. So, we had savory tea petite sandwiches of chicken with basiled butter & slivered almonds and wee sandwiches of peppered salmon with cream cheese. That was followed by a lovely bread pudding. Am proud to say the pudding, rich with cream and butter, was made largely with the crusts cut from the tea sandwiches, so how's that for economy? What a fun chat and lovely tea party.

I was amazed - the chickens behaved themselves with company in the house - I mean really behaved well! I had the lid off their chickararium and they either peeked out the top or politely perched on the pen edge, watched 'the grownups' have their tea. I had expected the chicks would jump to the floor and run rampant, but they did not. Who knew I was raising polite poultry?

Following our tea, it was play time with deh Chee-kins! The Terrys are chicken lovers too. Remember, they got their little Rhode Island Reds, Bodie and Pele a couple of weeks before I got my brood. They wanted to see how my girls are making out with their diaper training. So would I!

Ami and Adele uh... well, they didn't quite take to their diapers today - just sort of fussed and rolled about on the floor, looking forlorn. The diapers seemed to fit perfectly but the girls were having none of it. However, once again, Colette showed us all how it's done. She took to her little di-dee, strutting around the room like the little trooper she is. Dang, I'm so proud of her! Oh, and little Babette is still a bit lacking in the bum size to try her diaper yet.

At some point I must tape Colette strutting around, paying no mind to her diaper. She even made 'Mummy' proud, by making a boom-boom in her di-dee. I swear, when I saw that poop in the diaper I gushed with joy - how embarrassing! Have to laugh, I mean, I really felt PROUD! Never felt proud of anyone or anything's poo before. Had to reward Colette with lots of lovely fat meal worms.

Terry 2 had a great idea that I have decided I MUST adopt - she decided the diapers are really le tres chic chicken thongs!

Colette strutting her stuff in her Brazilian Periwinkle Thong

Terry pulling Ami out of the Hat!

What a fun afternoon! All ended far too soon, and the Terrys headed back to their place, with little Ami in tow. I orginally wanted to order 3 chicks, but had ordered an extra which I thought they might enjoy, adding a little French flair to their American flock of Rhode Island Reds. So now we each have 3 chickens each in our little flocks.

I swear, I love my silly chickens, with or without thongs/diapers, but not nearly as much as I love my friends.

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