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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

They're HERE!

I decided to stay home this week to be on chick call, and am sooo very glad I did. The post office brought my special delivery right to my front door.

"Is this noisy box yours? You have to sign for it. What is this... chickens?"

Yep! And noisy as hell too. Loads of CHEEEPING! And crossing my fingers, I opened the box... FOUR CHICKS alive, alive-o!

My first thought was they look like those fake plush Easter chicks. They have different colors too, which I hadn't expected, but it makes sense they weren't put together with a cookie cutter.

Two are butter yellow, and two are cinnamon tinted - all are adorable

They have plushy-feathered legs and poofs under their chins where their feathery muffs will be.

First up, they were each treated to a bum inspection (don't ask). Then while they screamed, I raced around getting their brooder (pen) ready for them. Next it was time to learn to eat and drink. Talk about easier said than done!

I dipped their bills in to the water and eventually they got the idea and started slurping down their first ever drinks - v. cute. But they had no clue about food! You can't live with me and NOT know how to belt down yer grub, I mean, come on!

We flew all the way from the East Coast, & geez, are our wings tired!

Then I had a brainstorm and used a plastic chop stick, tapping it in their food dish, in a pecking hen sort of rhythem. The chicks bee lined to the food and soon all were wolfing down the chicken scratch. Damn. I'm feeling like Einsteinetta!

So now with the gusto they're attacking their chow with, I'm hoping none of them explode.

Oooo... camera... SHINY!


  1. Congrats to the new mama! Hopefully they'll let you sleep at night (I know you'll have them in your bedroom with you)....

  2. Very cute, Claire! Have fun! My chickens from April have all started laying now.