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Sunday, August 30, 2009


On the East Coast, in a warm incubator, there are rows of Faverolle chicken eggs, that have reached their 21st day - Hatching day! My four wee Faverolle girlie chicks are peeping in their shells. Each chick is summoning up the energy to use their 'egg tooth' and slowly rotate around to open their eggshell like the lid opened on a tin can.

Then, once the groggy, still pipping chics are dry, it's time to be sexed (oh how rude!) as rooster or pullet. Then my 4 girly chicks will be popped into a cardboard box and shipped USPO to sunny Fair Oaks to a throughly pet-starved woman. I'm going to be a Mommy.... er, Mother Hen... er, or something like that!

I recommend turning the sound OFF when viewing this busy chicklet.

A Happy Day for Claire, an Exhausting First Day for 'the Girls'


  1. ... LOVE Star Trek in the backround, and what is with the kid coughing???

  2. You must be a first timer congratulations!
    that was u cough'n, ay?