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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Unfocused Chick Chatter

How quickly the bay-bays grow! All but one have already lost their egg tooths. They seem quite at home in their chickarium (large Rubbermaid tub). The tub does not give them the recommended 2 sq/ft per chick - it's a quarter that size. But, I bought two tubs, so at some point there will be two chickariums. Here they are in their current chick dorm.

Note the play ladder - so far one used it to prop herself as she napped

I've gingerly handled the chicks so far, taking them in hand only when they need a bum wash - again, don't even ask. My photography of them is fairly crappy thus far. I need to take them all out for a group portrait some time today. Here's one pigeon-toed chick looking daggers at me for taking her out of her warm dorm. Hum... need to break out the tripod to steady my shots.


  1. Hey Claire, With my last batch of chicks, I started handling them right away and held each for a short time (Maybe only 10 seconds) each day. One of them is very tame and expects to get picked up every time I open the chicken house door. One is moderately tame. The third was always more flighty and is still like that.

  2. That was supposed to be a name, not anonymous.