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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Holy Grail (and the Teensiest of Details)

Oh Joy of Joys! Called AT&T yesterday. A super friendly lady told me that I do not have to lose my cell phone number just because I lost the cell phone. Hurrah! AT&T nuked out the SIM card on the old phone so a new phone can take over my trusty old phone number.

So, chock full of this knowledge, after work I raced to the AT&T store. Oh though bright and shiny toys! Blackberries, flip-tops, slide-access dials and... the HOLY GRAIL of cells - The iPHONE (all hail the iPhone, drop to your knees knave!)

There was no way I was not going to get one I suppose, short of stuffing my fingers in my ears, shutting my eyes and shouting 'La, la, la, la. la...' when the sales clerk mentioned the things.


See? This is why we all want to grow up; so we can use our failings as an excuse to reward ourselves. Lost my cell phone? I get a new one. I WIN!

Before I complete this little tale - an important note: I own 2 pair of brown slacks. We continue...

This morning I rose, chipper & cheeky. I pulled at a pair of brown slacks in my bedroom closet. A loud clatter sounded as something dropped from the slacks' pocket.

Yes. It was.

Aw shut up. I said I had two pair of brown slacks. Apparently, in an unusual bit of tidiness, when I got home yesterday night, I hung up the pair I was wearing. Later when the I realized my cell phone was missing, I checked the brown pair of slacks that was lying on the chair outside of the closet, which I had not been wearing. Duh.

You know it could have happened to you too. Aw, shut up.

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