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Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Little Bad, a Little Good

So... on the rare occasion I get a raise it's on the order of 2, maybe 3%.

But, when there's a pay cut, it's 10%; double digits.

There is a pain between my ears.

On a lighter note, I still have a job. Of lesser note - my Amarylis is kicking on all cylinders.

I buy Amaryllis bulbs just after Christmas when the prices plummet. This one cost $5 for bulb, pot, soil; the works. I bought two but the second one, a Red Lion, isn't doing a thing. I think it wants to wait until the Apple Blossom does it's thing - you know, so as not to have to share the spotlight. It'll be interesting to see how long the Red Lion, which has barely begun to send up a few leaves, takes to bloom.

The Apple Blossom flowers are each 7 inches across

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  1. It wouldnt happen to be called an appleblossom because one might want to take a bite out of it? That flower looks delish.