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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pooh Bear Buys Spoons

I ordered demitasse spoons from Ebay last week. They're to go with my other Danish Princess silver-plated cutlery. The silverware belonged to my parents and I've always loved them. Over time I've added different pieces; a cake cutter here, butter knives there.

Yesterday the adorable little spoons arrived. I've ordered from Ebay before and have become lazy, not fully reading the description. Didn't realize the the spoons which were pre-owned, had intials engraved on the handles - horror! I thought maybe I'd been ripped off but when I checked on line, sure enough, the seller had mentioned initials; my bad. As it turned out this is a classic example of what my friend Barb calls my 'Pooh Bear luck'. The initials on the teaspoons? Each spoon has an elegant M, you know, for Miller - talk about dumb luck.


  1. everything happens for a reason. they're nice too.

  2. Hi Sweetie!

    I won't be posting for a couple of weeks, am in Colorado chasing birds.

    This town is kicking my arse! I have altitude sickness and the first case of snotty nose allergies (hayfever) that I've had in like two decades. Like I always say - if you think you don't have allergies, you probably haven't traveled much.

    Love you!

    : )

  3. hey! read somewhere, an advertisment i think, you can washout your nostrils by literally pouring water in one and out the other (dont use n.y. tapwater, stings)

  4. I've done the old snot rinse! I got a 'potty' (nasal pot) for my birthday once. It works great, washes the pollen from your nose. Only problem is I DO NOT LIKE TO USE THE EVIL POTTY! : O

    I'm telling you, that snot landing in the sink makes me wanna barf every freakn' time!

  5. I certainly know what altitude sickness feels like, ahh yes, I remember it well.

  6. Like the potty, the potty is good.

  7. Potty BAD! I don't wanna use the potty! You can't make me! *WAH!*