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Thursday, May 01, 2008


My lillies are going to spring open any day now - v. pretty. My new rose opened it's first flower. The pansies look like pandas and the columbines are beautiful. I found out there is a new columbine called 'Magpye' - it is so dark it is nearly black, but the corolla is half white. Needless to say, MUST order the seed.

Magpie Columbine

Speaking of ordering seed, yesterday I happened across Slow Food (opposite of fast food), an organization dedicated to saving old varieties of veggies and livestock. They even work to save production methods that produce old style Tupelo honey, traditional Hawaiian sea salt and birch tree syrup. I admire the organization's work.

Anyway, my point is I couldn't help myself; I ordered seeds for Moon & Stars Watermelon seeds (Hey, hey, you, watch those watermelon jokes!). A black melon (didn't I tell you to watch the jokes?) covered over in round yellow moons and splatters of stars. Who could resist magical fruit that lets you grow your own map to the stars? I also ordered seeds of Black from Tula Tomato and Sunberries. Now, whether or not I actually get these wonderful heirlooms into the soil will be another thing entirely, said the woman with year old hollyhock bulbs in the bottom of her fridge, alongside octogenarian daffodil bulbs.

If I could have ordered seeds for growing Mulefoot Hogs, I'd have ordered some of those too. Come to think on it, I guess I could order Hog seeds, but that'd be a bit messy, and anyway, I haven't any sows.


  1. those are beautiful, but thats the sort'ov thing i've come to expect from you. how 'bout growing a tree so my new neighbor the woodpecker wood peck somewhere else. no no I like it. it's little thing, spotted.

  2. Awwww! Now I want to know what kind of woodpecker you have. : D

  3. so would I, many years ago you gave me a northeastern bird book. loned it out and it never returned. now I have a small red bird with dark wings visiting. with the advent of construction they're losing their natural homes along the water and have moved inland where the trees continued to survive but are diwndling. one can still fing immigrant willows, black & whiteberry trees as well as grape vines and pear trees. certain cultures made their own wine. but any who, were're the lillies?

  4. I trust you've already received my gratitude for the birding book. I falled to tell you which Jul Mar it was,yes, she's a gone na. A Yellow-bellied Sapasucka. Thanks to you and Mr.Sibley, I now know the birds I thought were escaped pets are Tyrant Flycatchers. It's crazy, the influcs(sp) of birds to the concrete jungle do to the removal of folliage along the bay,make way for homes. I not use to them,unlike when I lived uptown, plenty birding upthere. Its great dont get me wrong, just scary, they need homes. Choi Bella

  5. YEAH! A yellow-belly sapsuckah! HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks D. : D

    Yes, the wildlife birds & mammals just need a little space to call home. Some of them will find a way, living in towns, nesting on buildings instead of cliffs, or on gargoyles instead of trees, etc. That is so amazing - but ought to not be surprising I suppose.

    Out here the @$%& developers keep buying agricultural land to build houses on. There is a VERY special place in hell for developers - in the firey pit next to Hitler and the child molesters(And if I actually believed that I'd be much, much happier).