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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Silently We Stalked...

We moved silently, eyes wide, stalking our innocent prey.

'Over there! A doe... three of them! Shoot Gene, shoot them!'

Gene took aim... *FLASH*

Another innocent 'Bambi' shot in the prime of its life.

"Dang," Gene muttered, 'all you can see is the doe's eye shine!"

What's behind that bright eye-shine? Click the photo below.

A slightly better look at the doe behind the gleaming eye

But no problem! That's the fun of digital wildlife shooting; you can digitally correct your shots later, no critter gets hurt, there's nothing to butcher, no mopping up blood on the truck bed and afterwards at home there's ice cream for all.

One night we were out at dusk and discovered, much to all of our amazement, that turkeys roost! We spotted a good half dozen, big-arse turkey cocks gingerly leaping and flapping their way to the tippy-top of a 60 foot tall oak tree. I had always assumed turkeys just huddled down in grass/bushes at night. Nope, apparently turkeys fly up into the tree at night so they can rest and get some shut-eye without worrying about coyotes, racoons and the lot, just as chickens do.

Out Struttin'

Deer stalking at Sunrise, Sailor Bar and Goethe park was only one of the weekend's highlights. Yesterday we drove up to Grass Valley where Philip, Gene & Jo's son, married Krista a couple of years ago. On the way back we very briefly stopped off near the site Sutter discovered gold.

Gene and Joann in Gold Country

Gene and Joann had fun. One of the days we drove up to Grass Valley to visit where their son Philip married Krista a couple of years ago; nice trip down memory lane. On the return we drove through the Gold Country where Sutter discovered California's gold.

It was lovely having the pair of them all to myself.

Making a wish - Visit Claire again soon?

[Management wishes to award credit for all, save the last two digitals, to Mr & Mrs Gene Bertsch, whose sweet & lively spirits brightened the heck out of an otherwise dreary Clairey Weekend.]


  1. I trust Joann's camera made it off the wells ledge and back in her pocket.W'ere your Lillies?

  2. HAHAHAHHA! Yes, her camera made it safe and sound.

    You mean the Denia Lilies? That's another post. I'm a freakn' MONTH behind on posts. And worse, life refuses to stop, just because I'm not caught up.

  3. No the Callalillies?yes the Denia's, are they well?

  4. YES! Tee hee, they bloomed their arses off. I'll post 'em, in all their glory, after I get caught up with my posting. Right now they're all spent, but they were kind enough to bloom while I was home AND while I had company. How kind of those Lilies was THAT? : D