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Thursday, April 03, 2008


Two nights out in a row - during the work week. Yes, I'm burning my night light at both ends now. Tonight was supposed to be our docent's meeting but the ranger was ill. Instead I went over to fellow docent & friend, Linda's house.

The object of the visiting with Linda was to teach me what we've been calling 'bright white light': chakra healing. Obviously all very new age, 'woo-woo' which I would deride and make fun of it were it not working for me. Anyway, Linda gifted me with a lovely amethyst crystal and lead me through a guided imagery exercise. Great stuff and as a nice side event I got a tour of Linda & Lou's beautiful blue Victorian house in downtown Sacto.

Linda's a really neat lady. She is cheery & funny and geez if she hasn't had some wonderfully bizarre things happen around her. You can read about them on her blog Free Leggings. I decided that Linda and my friend Inez really have to meet at some point. It'd be a meeting of the minds if I ever take Linda north to Crescent City. As I met Inez at a California Indian basketry at a Passports in Time event, and I met Linda at the State Indian Museum, the two have quite a number of things in common.

Epilogue: My knees and Achelles area ligaments have given me very little trouble this past week. My mind, as usual, is a work in progress. All considered, my chakra lesson was a success!

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