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Saturday, April 05, 2008


Climbed into bed last night, and dropped into sleep almost instantly. Then it started; nightmare, after spine tingling nightmare, one following the other, on and on. In between horrors I'd wake up, marvel that I was still in my own bed and there was no slash murderer crawling through the window, no band of marauders beating at my door. Then I would drift back off to sleep and slip into the next misty debacle. By the time I woke this morning I felt battered and a tad wrung out. Still, as there were no gremlins clawing at my bedroom door I was home free.

My first question of the day was why the nightmares? I did NOT consume peperoni pizza with anchovies at bedtime. Last night I did NOT watch the Slasher Mania Film Festival. I did spend the afternoon in a meeting at work that was set up to politely chew up a few naughty workers who have been making merry when they ought to have been working, but as I wasn't one of the merry makers, I don't think I was mentally affected at all.

So, what caused my night in the 9th level of H-E-double hockey sticks? I spent a few morning minutes wracking my brain - what the eff? Then it came to me. It's the only possible explanation for my nocturnal visions of creepy entities attempting to slime through my home's portals in search of... in search of... MY MONEY!

I forgot to do my taxes last weekend. Guess what I'll be doing today?


  1. You don't read these?

  2. Yep! I do, but I have to notice them first. I don't check the blog every day. I will now though. : D

    So... how you and the boys doin'?

  3. they're fine. a real challenge, tho.

  4. Two little boys a challenge? I can only imagine! Hum... probably aren't even all that little by now. Give 'em quiet, long lost Auntie Claire's love for me.


    Lamearse Auntie