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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Had a great evening last night. Mommy Nancy and I were guests at a charity gig; the main event being a performance of Cyrano de Bergerac. Right after work we walked the 4 or 5 blocks over to the theater, not knowing if we were to be fed or not. Honestly, if the excellent performance hadn’t been enough to thrill us, the reception hors d'oeuvres would have done the job; Italian sausage stuffed crimini mushrooms, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, grilled shrimp bearing petite sprinkling of capers, apricot studded brie … *burp*

Then we entered the theater itself; a smallish venue located in the same area as the Music Circus. The stage set was beautiful - and it grew more so as the play progressed. I have always loved Cyrano, because I can totally relate to the hero. I can see that many people would. It’s not that everyone is as heroic and full of poetry and skill as Cyrano, but anyone who ever thought ‘I can’t tell him/her what I feel, they’ll laugh at me’ is a kindred spirit to de Bergerac. *wistful sigh*

Anyway it was a great play, well presented and the guy who played Cyrano was deh bomb! And the petite desserts at intermission were to die for.


  1. No,no,no wrapping cured raw pork meat around asparagus. There's something not quite right with that.

  2. Yeah, that pre-shrew-do is raw, isn't it? !!!!

    It was good though.