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Saturday, March 29, 2008

April Fool's Day Comes Early

Yesterday was pay day, so my brain set today as 'April 1st'. So, I got up, got dressed and went out to buy my annual Park Pass for the American River. Only after I bought it, I realized it is only March 29th. 'DUH'

The above only makes a difference because if I'd waited until Monday, the pass would be good for 13 months, not 12. Anywhoo, I decided I needed to get March Madness out fo my system, so I drove straight to Rossmoor Bar on the American River. There I found a half dozen Wild Tom Turkeys, tails fanned, bodies poofed up, parading around. Of course there was one - yes, only one - sweet young thang, Wild Turkey Hen, unfazed by the boys - ignoring them. *tee hee*

The birdies that made up for my missing a month on my pass was a beautiful pair of Phanopeplas. And Elegant birds they were; the male a shiny blue-black with a perky crest and ember-red eyes. I have got to get back to the park tomorrow and try for some photos.

Phaenopepla - photo by Peter LaTourrette

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