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Friday, September 01, 2006

Back Among the Living

Hurrah! It is Friday and I returned to work for the second time this week. Apparently my return on Wednesday was a tad premature; I was still running a low fever and my body was totally out of sorts.

I really was quite crippled on Wednesday night and I crutched around the house, sobbing and feeling throughly sorry for myself.

Don't you feel sorry for me because I've buckets of self pity littered around the house just now. I went to the Medical Center Thursday afternoon, by which time I was limping sans crutch so the problem that caused me to make the emergency appointment was no more.

Am supposed to accompany new friends to Napa this weekend for a Wine & Dine tour with outlet shopping & fancy Italian restaurant for lunch, however am considering staying home instead for the Whine & Pine Bore that features old AMC movies, day old pasta for lunch and loads of grumbling on my part. I'll let my ankle decide for me how I will spend Saturday.