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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

First Day Back at Work

Flus make me wretched and convince me that I will never ever feel normal again and that I will somehow lose my job and wind up homeless in the streets to eventually be found, eaten by wild Alsatians as in worst nightmares of Bridget Jones. I know that sounds like a joke, but as God is my witness, every freakn' time I get the flu I am convinced I am only minutes away from homelessness. Really takes the whimsy out of being ill.

On the other hand, once I've recoverd the flu has becomes a life affirming experience, as in 'Hurrah! I AM ALIVE! I DID NOT DIE!'

Yes, pathetic, silly but 100% true.

I made it past this bout of flu. Missed two days of work and did not get sacked nor was I put on bread line at Loaves & Fishes. Still feel like crap but managed to dress myself and muddle myself into my office. Screaming red welts and patches on my arms, legs and knees are nearly invisible now.


Post Script: Ok, now it's after work and I can't walk on my right ankle. I didn't do anything to cause the stupid ankle any grief so WTF? I'm that pissed.