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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Carefully Contained Chaos

*knocks on computer glass*

I'm still here! Just busy & sidetracked by stuff. Oh, and I will still post more pics and stuff from Phoenix but not until the weekend of the 22nd. That will be a three-day weekend; I can't wait!

Meanwhile, last weekend Jeannie & Ron came over to help me get my bigger STUFF out on the sidewalk for the once a year Bring-Out-Yer-Trash Day, that is, large trash pick-up. While Jeannie and I sat on the back porch and yakked, Ron got my lawn sprinkler system up and running again. I guess there were loose wires but I've been manually watering and that gets old fast. He also replaced a bunch of cracked and damaged sprinkler heads. That was followed up by the hauling of stuff out to the curb. Hurrah! Unloading junk feels great. My possessions are lighter to the tune of one old sink and bathroom cabinet, drapery rods, left over waterbed parts and... the couch.

Oi! Thanks Ron! Thanks Jeannie! You saved my lawn and my sanity.

Yes, the old couch had to go, it was dreadful. It was a hand-me-down and was always meant to be only a temporary fix - that was what... three years ago?

So...I currently have no couch, but before I even shop for a new one I have priorities. I want the uber ugly brown living room & hall rug removed and the hardwood floor beneath striped, buffed and finished.

Screw rugs, they only give dust and dirt more places to hide and don't even get me started on fleas! My poor stupid little Rum-kitty took it into his eensie little head to no longer allow me to get close enough to him to put flea stuff on him. That means I refuse to let him run rampant in the house any longer; the Great Flea Infestation of 2004 is still fresh in my memory. So no more rugs for my house. The difficult bit is I have little idea how to go about making the arrangements on getting the floor done. I am certain the last step, varnishing, will require I vacate my house for at least a few days. Will be nice if I can arrange the floor re-finishing to be done while I'm out of town next month.