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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Had to get on line and squeal for a bit. Last weekend I went to our Music Circus here in Sacto where I saw the musical AIDA – for free! A coworker Peter is in charge of getting ushers for the Music Circus, one night, once for each play. Two weeks ago I was asked to usher for Fiddler on the Roof, but I was off visiting my buds in Monterey County. But I was here last weekend and happily skipped off to usher my little out.

Ushers must wear a white blouse and either black trousers or if of the feminine sort, a skirt. I didn’t have much warning to prepare and was worried about making the ‘uniform’ requirements as I wore could only dig up a black skirt with eensie white poka dots. Lucky me though, I was told the skirt was well up to snuff so that is a relief. I did however shop over the weekend, buying black slinky slacks and yet-another white blouse.

It is my great luck that Peter hosts one Saturday night for each run. That is so much handier than having to get off work at 4:30 and linger downtown until 6:30. Anywho, on Saturday night the ushers – including moi - gathered in the Subscriber’s Lounge (for season ticket holders). At 7:00 we gathered in the theater and a head usher, Todd, told me what I needed to do; very simple really. I was in charge of door seven and when the doors were opened for ticket holders at 7:30, all I had to do, if they wished for my help, was show them to their seats.

It is easy/breezy and I’ve actually ushered before. My San Diego
buddy Joann’s sister Judy was a head usher at the Old Globe Theater in Balboa Park. For one whole summer I ushered at one performance each of 8 different dramas. I loved ushering in San Diego and it is marvelous to have another opportunity to do the same here in Sacramento. As the cheapest tickets at the Music Circus are $37, it is lovely being able to see as many plays as I wish for gratis.

In case you don't know, I have a habit to feed. I MUST SEE PLAYS/MUSICALS. The 'habit' can cost hundreds of dollars so being able to assage my 'little problem' for the price of the $7 it takes to park across the street from the Music Circus is a freakn' mercy, I can tell you!

The musical Aida is ├╝ber cool; the story of a Nubian princess whose curiosity leads her to the Egyptian border where she and her ladies in waiting are kidnapped by the Pharoah’s soldiers *hisss* and taken into slavery. *booooo!* There, with her identity as a princess a secret, Aida catches the eye (or rather the mind) of the handsome Egyptian captain who is betrothed to the Pharoah’s daughter.

The musical is a tragedy and I thought it might be tiresome but not a bit of it. The music is lively, written by Elton John and Tim Rice (Beauty and the Beast) so the resulting work is lively and fun though I did find myself boo-hooing like a nut case during the final act. Haven’t sniveled like that at a play since many year ago when I caught Man of La Mancha in Davis.

Good news; I have another ushering gig this weekend for South Pacific. I saw that musical only last year but know what? I can’t wait to see it again. For free, free, free!