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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hurrah! An Accident in My Favor for a Change!

In fact, double Hurrah!

Only minutes after waking from an uncomfortable night on the couch, I got a phone call from Ikea delivery men; they had several articles of my delivery - and asked my permission to deliver the goods even though the delivery was a full week early.

My concern was they didn't have the queen mattress with them so I asked for them to hold on a bit. I called Ikea and & it was confirmed I already paid for the delivery for next Saturday and today's delivery would be sort of an early bird special. So I called back the delivery men back they brought everything except for the mattress and a couple of things I brought home last night.

Upshot: No more couch!

Downshot: Yikes! Now I have to assemble a humungous pile of wood & pegs & such to make up a bed.

Upshot reititeration: Yahoo! No more couch!


Stupid idiotic God cursed Swedish bed from HELL!

Am most miffed. Spent entire day assembling bed which went reasonably well though at 8PM it is still not quite completed yet, plus now that I'm further along in the instructions I realize that I won't be able to just drop my old twin mattress on it so I won't have to sleep on the couch all week long. Blast!

The entire bed, the wooden portion is set up and the main metal spine of the undercarriage is in place. HOWEVER, there remains several light weight aluminum rods requiring connection by means of insainely eensy weensie screws that are of a size more easily manipulated by wee little mice than live humans. I am so frustrated I could scream. The screws are tiny and if stared at they fly from my hands and race across the wooden floor. The screws are meant to be screwed UP, which being so tiny, and so low to the ground you can't get under them to screw upwards, is frustrating, as I reckon most acrobatic feats of vertical screwing in tight places have always been, those I can recall anyway.

Do not fret. Am ready to murder someone - anyone - Swedish.

No. Must instead eat one of the chocolate marzapan thingies I bought yesterday at Ikea - that ought to put me off murdering Swen - but Lars had better watch his arse, I can tell you that. *snarl*