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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Year of the Rabbit Woman

Talk about your interesting coincidence. I went in to work this morning, first day back since getting my iPod and I had an email from our computer folk. They diplomatically pointed out that I had MP3 & wav files... ON THE WORK SERVER! Feel free to scream in horror here. Mind, it is no dread secret that I have music on the work computer - loads of people do. The music soothes... keeps some of us out of Napa State Hospital.

I had no idea that the stuff I put on my c:/ drive was getting sucked into the mother ship by that which is the office data back-up system. I was told I need to get all of my music files off the system before the music industry finds out that I have an unauthorized copy of Oklahoma on the computer and they come a knocking.

Now ordinarily removing my music off the computer would have been dead-dreadful news - but not dreadful today. I quickly downloaded every last note of the music on my office computer onto the iPod. Ta da! Problem solved. Now I can play the music from the iPod. I can even play the iPod music through my office computer's iTunes program and thereby use the computer's big & comfy ear phones. Hum... bet the next thing they do is demand the free iTunes programs get removed from the computers next.

Anyway, I thought it was spiffy that I should happen to have bought the iPod just in a nick of time so to speak.

Spontaneous Translation: Even less reason now to feel guilty about getting the iPod.