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Friday, March 31, 2006

Rainy Day

Ah! Nothing like a lovely day doing only exactly whatever the hell you feel like doing. I started the day painting the area around my fireplace and I am totally in love with the results. The job is actually a re-painting of what originally came out an unfortunate shade of dark burgandy. This time I used a 'granite' textured paint... that is paint with black stuff that simulates grit and also tiny bits of gold. The paint makes the wall surface look like it is a rock surface. Trust me, it looks wonderful.

This week I just discovered the wonders of tracking shipments on the Internet. I tracked a package that started the week in Shanghai China, moved on to Anchorage Alaska, then it was shipped to Indianapolis Illinois, on to Rancho Cordova and it made it to my doorstep this morning. That package held my new iPod. So far I love the Pod, which will be able to hold all my bird calls for use in the field. When I get the attachments to do so, I will also able to download digital photos onto it. The iPod is a huge treat and I ought to feel guilty about the expense but damn it, I do not. My normal logic is if I drank or did drugs I would spend as much money every couple of weeks. Yes, a flimsy excuse - bite me.

If UPS delivers on Saturdays my replacment Canon Camera will be here. My first task will be a picture of my finished fireplace project. The picture will magically appear in this post sometime soon.

I spent some time tossing stuff and shredding things too. All in all, Chevez would have approved.