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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sleep Deprivation Travail Continues

Day three, day four? Of insomnia. Have no clue how to properly punctuate and form the previous fragments into complete sentences with question mark in center of sentence. But how could I? I am suffering from insomnia and my brain is not working!

Proof of brain being inoperative is that yesterday I had to take VERY IMPORTANT PAPER to an even more important state agency for a very important stamp. I decided to run the errand on my way home, so I got on the shuttle bus and got off at 10th & N, looking for 1400 N Street. To my horror, the 1400 building had not skipped down four city blocks so as to be convenient for me. So marched down the block and found 1400 N street - apartments for geriatric residence with one of those ring an apartment so someone will buzz me into the building. Some state senators are pretty damned old, but surely state business isn't now being carried out in the sitting rooms of state workers who sit about in their pajamas all day?

Gave full consideration to having geriatric resident ring me in and beg them to sign VERY IMPORTANT PAPER, but then they were sure to not have the VERY IMPORTANT STATE STAMP with which to date my paper.

Went to the HUMONGOUS state building next door at 1410 or some such number and begged guard to give me a state phone book. GAK! Very important state agency was at 1400 10th street. And I was so frazzled I took off, not in the direction I had come from, but across the Capital Park where I was in grave danger from maurauding gangs of rogue squirrels on the hunt for candy-coated popcorn, peanuts & screw the surprise.

I ended up walking round to 9th street, boarding the shuttle bus to my car and calling my botched attempt enough for the day. At least I can say I got my walking in for today.

I blame it all on the insomnia.

SHUT UP, you don't know that.