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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Worked half day today so the contractor from Lowes could come to measure my front & rear door frames. That I want a mail slot seems to be a bit of a snag but not much of one. I think it is going to be another two weeks before the actual work is done.

It is a lovely day today, the sun shining and there are huge bumblebees traipsing around the back yard. My little redbud bush and the Cecil Brunner climbing rose are in bloom. In the front beds there are several varieties of daffodils doing their thing. My ikle kingdom is bouncing back from the trauma of the past three weeks.

While I waited for the contractor I could see a guy from SBC up the power pole in the back, rehanging telephone lines from my house and the one next door - that house is vacant just now. Anyway, now a person can stroll through the back yard without garroting themselves on the phone line that for the past three weeks hung across the yard at 4 feet off the ground.

I got naughty today. Placed a bid via EBay for a new, still in the box, 60GB video iPod. Had almost talked myself out of getting it but then I have had my heart set on being able to carry the full range of American bird calls with me wherever I go and that won out. I mean, just how have I managed to live my life thus far without such a thing? I currently have the high bid but not much chance I'm going to get that level of spanking new iPod for so cheap - $250 for a $400 gizmo. If I do get it I will find myself in dire need of a PARTY!

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