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Monday, March 20, 2006

What Would Voldie Do?


New computer came today - I was literally, lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself - certain the computer had been left on the porch last Friday by UPS and had been stolen. WAH! Yes, poor little me. Then, as I lay whinging on the couch, I heard the UPS truck drive up. I raced to the front door to see the driver walking up to the front door with the humungous box, like an eager puppy I wagged my tail. Hum... not as innocent a metaphore as it seemed at first.

Also over the weekend I went to Lowes and ordered new front door and les French doors for the back patio. Next up, a contractor has to come over and measure the doors & figure out what is needed - then I go back to Lowes to purchase a mail slot metal, doorknobs and deadbolts & such and then it is construction time & then I can have an alarm system put in.

A lot of work to get back to normal around here. I am antsy for my new camera but if I buy it before getting the doors/alarm system then I'll need to carry it around with me or I'll worry about it. I find myself thinking very unkind things about the thieves - the sort of stuff Voldemort or Hitler would think about them (may thieves be impaled on rusty skewers, get buggered by rouge rabid diseased dogs & may their eyes rot in their skulls) not the sort of stuff Jesus or Ghandi would want, i.e., forgive the sinners, they have probably lived a difficult life, yatta, yatta, yatta.

Ghastly. I mean, just think - I'm siding with Voldie & Adolf on this one.

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