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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Founding Fugly Father

Oooo I got one of the new 2006 quarters today. At first I was excited, as I always am when I find a new quarter in my pocket change. Then the light hit it just right and I was stunned. That is one fugly quarter.

I'm sorry, but I'm just tellin' you the truth - preparing you for the assult on your change purse.

Looking at the nickle on the right here, you may think it looks so-so. Maybe you think it looks nice, I mean, it is different. There are very few coins ever made that use a face on picture unless you are looking at one of the coins they make for Chuckie Cheese so the kids can play games. I now know why the cheese stands alone.

I'm telling you. Depending on what angle you hold the quarter, the lighting throws strong cadaverous shadows on Tommy's face, lighting him unflatteringly from below or above, making him look more like a character from the Night of the Living Dead than one of the founding fathers.

Mark my words - hand one of these nickles to a small child and if the light is right, the kid will scream, and require a change of Huggies.

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