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Saturday, March 25, 2006


Rain again? Hand me a towel please. I just let Rum-kitty in. He was outside overnight because MOM didn't care to hear her gay-boy kitties having wildcat sex all night long in the hall outside my door.

A few days ago I woke up and Rum & rapist-kitty Kola were at IT. They were loud - raucous - the air was filled with so much musical gayboy kitty-song, when I opened my bedroom door I sleepily thought it to be wet boxers night and expected to be handed a Cosmopolitan with a pink paper umbrella; stupid annoying cats. I've locked them out of the house every night since and they might as well get used to it. When my new French doors arrive there will be NO kitty door, at least for a while.

Guilt, guilt, guilt.

Well... maybe I'll install one of the new cat flaps to the door leading into the garage. The 'new' cat flaps are no more than 6 inches square. The boys can get into the garage from a kitty door put in by some previous home owner, and from there they can enter the house from the garage. If I really want them to learn how to use a new cat flap there will be weeks of painfully pitious mewing outside. On the other hand if I pretend I don't want them in the house at all they'll figure it out in ten seconds flat. Hell, I can probabaly just forget putting the cat flap and the boys will dig UP from the crawl space under the house & pretend they have no idea where the six foot hole came from.

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