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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Lazy Day

Have been a bit lazy today. I mostly got involved in deleting an old website I made several years ago and starting it up under shiny new titles and such. Why? Well, obviously to avoid the work I ought to be doing - clearing out the back bedroom. GAK!

Don and a friend drove out to see the Snowy Owl but the bird has managed to avoid being spotted. I'm wondering if it headed farther south or is just secreted somewhere in the farmlands. I'm pretty confident it'll show up again somewhere around here. But the drive out wasn't a total lost. Don found the Ovenbird in the same place I looked for it yesterday but didn't see it.

Damn it. Now I wish I'd gone. I'd really like a chance to photograph the Ovenbird. It was a lifer for Don.

My house is freakn' freezing. I've had the thermostat down to 55 degrees all day, all night. Last night was the first night I actually woke up cold. That is rare! I didn't up the thermostat but neither did I dig out the down comforter so I am not feeling too stressed out.

As flippin' cold as it is, I saw a hummingbird flitting around the oak tree today. I suppose I ought to put out the hummingbird feeder for the poor thing. Heaven only knows what the hell the thing is feeding on - it's supposed to be in Brazil or Columbia or someplace else that is warm. Like me I reckon. Oh well. It's twilight. I think I'm going to start up the fireplace.

The green flame on the right looks like an elk antler

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