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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Look Who Came for a Visit!

Ah! Had no intention of leaving the house today; too much to do. Mind, not important stuff, but stuff I feel like doing, such as get digital photos off the hard drive and onto disks, copy out the handwritten Hawaii Journal from my December trip and catch up on my fan fic writing and revamping.

I woke to a phone call that I was too dazed to answer, but shortly afterwards, I slocked to the computer to find out that a Snowy Owl answered my prayers and flew down to meet me! Well how could I refuse to visit with a genuine acquaintance of Harry Potter, eh? Rain or not, I went out and found and photographed the beautiful, snowy white bird. My very own Hedwig.

The pics I took are not that great because the bird was so far off, but still I got my 'been there, saw that' photo. I also got a decent shot of a Yellow-billed Magpie. What with the West Nile Virus my very own namesakes have become a scarce.

I'm hoping to get one or two more looks at the Snowy, assuming the bird decides to hang around for a while. I think it will. After all, it has friends in town.

Western Meadowlark

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